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Laser hair removal face

We can treat excessive hair growth in virtually every part of the face. We know exactly how to achieve that. The result: a healthy face that looks really radiant.

During the therapy period you should avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible. Sit in the shadow (under a tree or sunshade) or wear a cap/hat that shields your face. We offer an excellent sunblock cream at a reasonable price. This has been developed by the Amsterdam Medical Centre’s institute for skin pigmentation. We received many positive reactions from our customers about this sunblock cream with a high protection factor.


You can specify in detail how you want the hair from your face removed. It is even possible to specify the shape of a beard. Hair in ears, nostrils and neck can also be removed by laser treatment. And epilating eyebrows is now also a thing of the past.

Health Insurers

If you have supplementary insurance coverage, facial treatment in our clinic is fully or partially reimbursed by the health insurer. The level of compensation depends on your insurance and insurance policy. Only women qualify for reimbursement.

All facial areas are treated using the Duet ET hand-piece. The very small 1 x 1 cm head of the hand-piece enables us to treat small areas with the utmost precision.

“I used to hide my chin by keeping my head down or wearing scarfs. I always looked for the shade. Now I keep my head up and dare to walk in the sun again.” (chin, after 2 treatments)Saskia P., The Hague

“Removing those small hairs each day with a pair of tweezers is now a thing of the past, fortunately. Waxing always caused little spots on my upper lip. And by the time they had disappeared, I could start waxing all over again. Laser treatments don’t give me that type of rash, fortunately.” (upper lip) Josje ter H., Hoofddorp

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