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Laser hair removal bikini line

Clean and smooth bikini line with permanent hair removal

The bikini line is certainly an area that qualifies for permanent hair removal. Feeling free at sports and on the beach, is a great feeling. After your bikini line laser treatment wearing a track-suit is the most comfortable. We advise against planning a bicycle or horseback ride, because of the soreness of the groins.

Hair removal in the bikini line area is quite customary. It is an indicative area, because the surface of the area to be treated may vary from one person to another, both inside and outside the groin. That is why we have based our pricing on the categories Small, Medium en Large. Hair growth within the groin is very dense and at least six treatments are required to produce a satisfactory result.

After the treatment the bikini line can be easily protected from the sun by wearing low-cut panties, shorts or a pareo skirt. For optimal protection this can also be combined with sunblock cream.

The DUET laser treatments are performed exclusively by qualified laser therapists.

“HEAVEN!”  Bikini line (Elisabeth W., Amsterdam)

“It is less painful and takes less time.”  Bikini line (Sophie K., Amsterdam)

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