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Laser hair removal back and shoulders

Clean back and shoulders with permanent hair removal

The back and shoulders area is the T-shirt model. Hair on back and shoulders is thin to medium thickness, and the density can vary enormously. These factors also determine the number of laser treatments you will need. Obviously, you can stop the treatment whenever you find the result acceptable. In any event, a significant reduction of hair growth will be achieved on this part of your body. We will see to it that the end result shows a natural transition to the arms. On average this part of the body requires 2 additional laser treatments.

The back and the shoulders form an indicative area, which means that the surface may vary per person. The back and the shoulders are being treated with the DUET. The advantage is that this really speeds up the treatment of this large area.

Testimonials of customers who have experienced both ET and DUET

“The vacuum is like a massage of the muscles. It really makes a huge difference.” Back and shoulders (Tim J., Amsterdam)

“It doesn’t feel like a sharp pin-prick, it’s more like a warm puncture. It is very fine and works a lot faster. The vacuum drawing is not an unpleasant feeling.” Back and shoulders (Dwayne van den H., Amsterdam)

“It feels really good now, the hair volume has been reduced. What is still there is blonder and looks really good, after only 2 treatments.” Lower back (Pieter M., Haarlem)

“I don’t have to feel ashamed anymore, because my back and shoulders look different now. I move better now. My state of mind has improved. Quite a relief. It used to keep me from socializing and starting a relationship. I was hiding all those years. I always felt ashamed, but I’m not afraid anymore to show who I am. It was a major obstacle. I just had no self-confidence. It was keeping me down. I have had this since I my teens.” Back and shoulders (Herman van A., Badhoevedorp)

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