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Laser treatments

Our permanent hair removal method is quick and effective

During the consultation visit we guide and help you to make a proper planning. We also advise you what would be most practical and when you can start your treatment. SENSITIF treats all body areas. Below is a selection of the most frequently treated body areas.


Back and shoulders
The back and the shoulders are being treated with the DUET. The advantage is that it r
Hair removal armpits
No more shaving. What a relief! What freedom! And what a luxury to feel so clean and s
Bikini waxing
Do you want a really pretty bikini line with a smooth skin, without having to shave al
Hair removal legs
Thousands of people in the Netherlands already have smooth, silky soft legs, thanks to
Facial hair removal
A radiant face without bristles, dark hairs or skin irritation.
Chest and abdomen
Many men want to reduce hair growth in these areas. That can be done.
The creation of beauty is art
Self confidence
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