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The LightSheer DUET: The Gold Standard

A beautiful, smooth skin makes you feel good. A smooth skin is by nature the most beautiful and after laser hair removal you feel free to do as you please. Sensitif can give you – both men and women – that feeling of freedom.

Permanent hair removal only produces optimum results if the right machine is used. Sensitif uses the Lightsheer Duet Diode Laser from the US. This laser is based on the most advanced laser technology and produces the best results. It enables us to effectively remove hair that naturally grows on certain parts of the body.

There is more to it than just using the right equipment! In practice, knowledge and experience are equally important.

Sensitif can guarantee you optimum results in less treatments than anywhere else.

The Lightsheer DUET Diode Laser is the state of the art successor to the Lightsheer ET. It represents a giant leap forward in effectively treating excessive hair growth We are therefore proud to be able to offer our customers a LightSheer DUET treatment.

LightSheer DUET compared to LightSheer ET: comments of satisfied customers

“Different as night and day” Back and shoulders (Carlos G., Amsterdam)

“The LightSheer DUET is a lot less painful. The vacuum is like a massage to your muscles. Really a big difference!”. Back and shoulders (Tim J., Amsterdam)

“It is incomparable” Neck (Kevin S., Utrecht)

“Vacuum feels like a suction pad. No stings, only warmth. The treatment with the LightSheer DUET is faster”. Shoulders (Theo T., The Hague)

“The LightSheer DUET was good, it was much faster.” Bikini line (Margareth R., Amsterdam)

The main advantages of the LightSheer DUET

– Substantially less impact on the skin

– Quick & effective

– Painless and comfortable

– No need for gel

– No need for cooling

– Approved by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA)

New laser technology from the USA: The LightSheer DUET

The Lightsheer DUET uses vacuum-based technology. This is a revolutionary development in permanent hair removal

The integrated vacuum offers two major advantages:

– The Lightsheer DUET increases the efficacy of the laser treatment

– The LightSheer DUET increases the comfort of the client

The vacuum mechanism draws the skin into the hand piece. The skin is stretched and the pigment cells are spread. The hair follicles remain closer to the energy source. Therefore less energy is needed to destroy the hair follicle, lowering the stress on the skin.

Experienced pain based on research

EpilationLightSheer ETLightSheer DUET
Armpits85% Yes35% Yes5% Yes
Bikini line95% Yes50% Yes9% Yes
Back85% Yes50% Yes8% Yes

Average time needed / research results

LightSheer ETLightSheer DUET
Legs3 hours1¾ hours
Back and shoulders2½ hours1½ hours
Chest and abdomen2 hours1¼ hours
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