Laser Hair Removal in Amsterdam for permanent hair removal
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About laser hair removal

Tackling excessive hair growth

The laser treatments of Sensitif in Amsterdam are suitable for all skin types, from a light skin tone to the darker, Negroid skin type; from skin type I up to and including skin type VI. During the consultation visit we will be happy to inform you in more detail, when we have seen your skin and hair type.

Hair Growth Phases

Hair production occurs in three phases:

1. The growth phase (anagen phase)
2. The transition phase (catagen phase)
3. De quiescent phase (telogen phase)

The hair then begins to fall, after which the growth starts again. Laser treatment only destroys the hair follicles that are in the growth phase, the anagen phase. This means that not all the hairs will have been removed after the first laser session. It always takes several sessions to get a really smooth, satisfactory result.

As smooth as you wish

Men come to our laser hair removal clinic in Amsterdam to have their back, shoulders, chest and abdomen treated. Women usually want us to laser-treat their face, bikini line, armpits and legs. You can specify exactly how smooth you want an area to be. It is also possible to leave some hair. Especially men don’t always want to remove everything. If a medical aspect is involved, a dermatologist will be available.

Number of treatments

There are several types of skin and hair and each series of treatments is different. Hair is tenacious, hair growth unpredictable and not the same for everyone. On average six sessions are required. The exact number depends on the part of the body, the type of hair and the skin colour. After the whole treatment you will have really got rid of it, although you should take into account that some so-called residual hair may be left behind. This hair is thinner and has a lighter colour.


Permanent hair removal hardly requires any preparations. Stay out of the sun and avoid using sunbeds for at least eight weeks before treatment starts. Stop waxing or epilating when you want to start the laser treatments.

Hair Reduction

IMPORTANT: with the Lightsheer diode laser it only takes an average of 6 treatments to permanently remove your unwanted hair. This shows the effectiveness of our medical laser and the treatments at SENSITIF.

80 to 100% hair removal is possible. Any residual hair is thin and contains little pigment, so is hardly visible. We can assure you that in our practice, with our machines, the best possible results are achieved! No one can guarantee a 100% hair reduction!

Facts about permanent hair removal:

  • Shaving doesn’t stimulate hair growth.
  • Laser treatment doesn’t cause more hair growth.
  • Shaving doesn’t make the hair darker or lighter. Only the hair tips are temporarily blunt and therefore feel harder.
  • Hair growth differs in various areas of the body. Facial hair, for instance, grows quickly, whereas hair growth on back and shoulders is slow.

About our laser hair removal clinic in Amsterdam

Sensitif is ranked as the best information officer in hair removal in the Netherlands. Our laser hair removal clinic is located in Amsterdam.

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