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Always summertime for your body

We can help you! SENSITIF would like to give you that silky soft skin. Why SENSITIF is the best choice for you, is explained below.

Over ten years of experience in permanent hair removal

SENSITIF is the first service in the Netherlands that is fully focused on permanent laser hair removal. We have chosen a specialization to be able to focus on one discipline. Consequently, we have gained a lot of expertise and are able to offer high quality treatments.

We use the best laser machines on the market

Our laser machines come from the United States. We see to it that our US colleagues keep us informed and that we always benefit from the latest developments in our clinic.

According to the Dutch Consumer Association SENSITIF is the best practice in Amsterdam.

Only 4 of the 24 clinics tested by the Consumer Association received the rating “Good”, including SENSITIF. And SENSITIF is the only clinic in Amsterdam to receive this rating!

The treatments of SENSITIF are the most effective

At SENSITIF you can do with less treatments than anywhere else. Our equipment produces the best possible, clinically proven results.


SENSITIF gives you clarity and certainty. No surprises. If you are still not satisfied after the regular number of treatments, we can offer you a special deal. Ask about the terms and conditions during your consultation visit.

Sensitif is registered with all the major health insurers in the Netherlands

If you have supplemental insurance, facial laser treatments are reimbursed. The level of reimbursement depends on your insurance and the policy you have. Please contact your health insurer, if you have any questions.

Sensitif gives you all the attention you need

We want you to be completely satisfied. We will give you all the time and attention you need, as you will see. Both before, during and after the treatments.

Want to know more about a specific treatment?

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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